Download & Installation

Your IRLP Computer Must Meet The Following Requirements Prior To Installation Of The IRLPvCON Admin Software Package :

  • Linux O/S Must Be Red Hat Style:
        Either Red Hat, Fedora Core, or Centos
  • A Working IRLP Node Must Be Installed
  • The Apache HTTPD Webserver Must Be Installed
  • The Perl Interpreter Package Must Be Installed
Before Installing This, Or Any New IRLP Software,
Please Make Sure You Have A Full Backup Of Your Node - JUST IN CASE!
---------- Installing Apache HTTPD and Perl ----------
Skip If Apache and Perl Are Already Installed

If your system is running Fedora Core or Centos, you probably have YUM installed and can use it to install Apache HTTPD and Perl. To install these packages using YUM, type the following commands as user root and follow directions.

yum install httpd

yum install perl

Note: The loading and installation of these programs can require a bit of time.

If your system does not have YUM installed (Redhat 7.3 or 9), you will need to get and install the Apache and Perl programs yourself. Information about these programs is available at these websites.



-------- Downloading & Installing The IRLPvCON Package --------

Once Apache and Perl are installed on your IRLP Node computer, you are ready to proceed with the download and installation.

Note: The installation will perform several modifications to the Apache server and IRLP scripts which the installation program will explain. You will have the option to cancel the installation if these operations are not desired.

Note: That This Installation Will Overwrite Any Existing IRLPvCON Installation Including Any IRLPvCon Custom Pages Or Modifications you may have made.

Note: By downloading this package you are accepting the terms of the agreement at the end of this document.

To Download and Install the latest version of IRLPvCon, Login as user root on your IRLP computer and then enter the following three commands:

wget -nd -nc k6ib.com/downloads/k6ib-load-a
chmod +x k6ib-load-a
./k6ib-load-a irlpvcon

---------- Using IRLPvCON ----------

To access IRLPvCON point your browser to


!! Be Aware: If you have installed the IRLP remote admin program, Apache has been set to listen on port 15426. If that is the case All Browser Calls to the Apache server Must be made with that port number.

After installation the IRLPvCON User's Manual can be viewed by pointing your browser to the following:


I hope you will find IRLPvCON a usefull tool on your IRLP node.
If you encounter problems or have questions or comments, let me know.
Please include the word "irlpvcon" in the subject line of any E-Mails.

 Brent - K6IB

IRLPvCON - License Agreement

By Downloading, Installing, Copying, or Otherwise Using the IRLPvCON Software Package you agree to be bound by the following terms of agreement.

IRLPvCON is a copyrighted package that is provided on a royalty free license basis to Radio Amateurs for use on their Personal or Club IRLP Nodes. Modification is permitted as long as the Copyright Information Remains Intact. Any Copying, Distribution, Modification For Distribution or Any Commercial Use Requires Written Permission.

While a great deal of effort has gone into testing and verifying the package, the IRLPvCON package is provided "AS IS," without warranty of any kind. There is no guarantee that it will work on all IRLP nodes. The Person Downloading And Or Using The Package assumes any and all consequences arising out of the installation and use or inability to use this software package.

Copyright © B.W.Sylvester - 2009