IRLPvAUX Speak & Reconnect Package
Add On For Use With The IRLPvCON Package
---------- IRLPvAUX Package Description ----------

The IRLPvAUX Auxillary Package is a perl script program and audio wave file library which works with the or IRLPvCON package to provide addtional features on the IRLP Node. These features allow the node owner to setup DTMF commands on the node to make it speak node information and recall perviously connected or call-waiting nodes.

By adding lines to the nodes "custom_decode" script the owner can add any or all of the additional features and have them controlled by DTMF commands of their choosing.

The IRLPvAUX Package is compatable with EchoIRLP and will give the Callsign instead of a Node Number for EchoLink connection information.

    Included IRLPvAUX Package Functions

  • Speak Node Status
  • Speak Node Station ID
  • Speak Current Local Date & Time
  • Speak Station ID and Date & Time
  • Speak Last Call Received Node & When
  • Speak Last Called Out Node & When
  • Speak Last Call Waiting Node & When
  • Speak All Last Connections - No Date & Time
  • Connect To Last Call Received Node
  • Connect To Last Called Out Node
  • Connect To Last Call Waiting Node
  • Connect To Last Connected Node

Since there are many ways that IRLPvAUX can be implemented, it does not have an install script. It requires the owner to add lines of code to the "custom_decode" script file to setup its operation. If you are not familar with the "custom_decode" script and how it works you should review its operation before installing this package.

Note: The IRLPvAUX Package Requires the IRLPvCON Package to already be installed and working on the IRLP node.

Note: The IRLPvAUX_audio library requires about 600 KBytes of disk space.

Before Installing This, Or Any New IRLP Software,
Please Make Sure You Have A Full Backup Of Your Node - JUST IN CASE!
-------- Downloading & Installing The IRLPvAUX Package --------

Before Installing IRLPvAUX, a working IRLPvCON Package Should Be Installed On The IRLP Node. If this package is not installed and working, install it before installing v.

Note: IRLPvAUX requires Perl and modules from the IRLPvCON package. If it is not installed IRLPvAUX Will Not Work.

Note: By downloading this package you are accepting the terms of the agreement at the end of this document.

To Download and Install IRLPvAUX 3.0 , Login as user root on your IRLP computer and then enter the following four commands:

cd /home/irlp
wget -nd -nc
tar -xvf irlpvaux-3.0.tar
rm irlpvaux-3.0.tar

This will create the perl function script file named:


And the wave file library in directory:


After installing the files you will need to setup the functions you want and the DTMF commands for them. This is described in the next section.

---------- Setting Up Functions & Commands ----------

Each IRLPvAUX function is added by inserting a line in the "custom_decode" script file which tests for the DTMF command to use and if found calls the IRLPvAUX script with an argument number corresponding to the function to be performed.

Each line is the same except for the DTMF command to test for and the argument number of the desired function for that DTMF command.

The "custom_decode" script file is found as:


For each function you want to add you will need to insert a line like the following one where DTMF is replaced with the DTMF Command for the function and ARG is replaced with the Arg Number of the function. Function Arg numbers are listed in the following table. When entering the line, be sure to include the spaces where shown.

if  [  "$1"  =  "DTMF"  ]  ;  then  "$CUSTOM"/irlpvaux  ARG  ;  exit  1  ;  fi

ARG   Resulting Function
1 - Speak Node Status
2 - Speak Node Station ID
3 - Speak Current Local Date & Time
4 - Speak Station ID and Date & Time
10 - Speak Last Call Received Node & When
11 - Speak Last Called Out Node & When
12 - Speak Last Call Waiting & When
13 - Speak All Last Connections - No Date & Time
20 - Connect To Last Call Received Node
21 - Connect To Last Called Out Node
22 - Connect To Last Call Waiting Node
23 - Connect To Last Connected Node

It should be noted that the "custom_decode" script requires DTMF commands to use uppercase letters A,B,C. It also requires the use of the uppercase S to indicate the * Key and the uppercase P to indicate the # Key.

---------- Examples ----------

To add DTMF Command * 0 to activate the function Speak The Node Status (ARG 1) use the line:

if  [  "$1"  =  "S0 "  ]  ;  then  "$CUSTOM"/irlpvaux  1   ;  exit  1  ;  fi

To add DTMF Command# # to activate the function Speak The Date & Time (ARG 3) use the line:

if  [  "$1"  =  "PP "  ]  ;  then  "$CUSTOM"/irlpvaux  3   ;  exit  1  ;  fi

To add DTMF Command A 0 1 to activate the function Speak The Last Call Out (ARG 11) use the line:

if  [  "$1"  =  "A01 "  ]  ;  then  "$CUSTOM"/irlpvaux  11   ;  exit  1  ;  fi

To add DTMF Command * 6 9 to activate the function Connect To Last Call Waiting (ARG 22) use the line:

if  [  "$1"  =  "S69 "  ]  ;  then  "$CUSTOM"/irlpvaux  22   ;  exit  1  ;  fi

I hope you will find the IRLPvAUX package a usefull tool for your IRLP node.
If you encounter problems or have questions or comments, let me know.
Please include the word "irlpvaux" in the subject line of any E-Mails.

 Brent - K6IB

IRLPvAUX - Agreement

By Downloading, Installing, Copying, or Otherwise Using the IRLPvAUX Software Package you agree to be bound by the following terms of agreement.

While a great deal of effort has gone into testing and verifying the package, the IRLPvAUX package is provided "AS IS," without warranty of any kind. There is no guarantee that it will work on all IRLP nodes. The Person Downloading And Or Using The Package assumes any and all consequences arising out of the installation and use or inability to use this software package.

Copyright © B.W.Sylvester - 2009